DINO TIME (2012)

Dino Time the movie poster

Lenght: 1 hour 26 minutes

Raiting: 4.8 / 10

Language: English

Trivia: Three kids who travel back in time to 65 million years ago, where they are taken in by a dinosaur.

Director: Yoon-suk Choi, John Kafka

Writers: Daniel Adams, Joseph C. Lincoln

Stared: Melanie Griffith, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin

Producer: Robert Abramoff



Not many really worthwhile cartoons for young children have been produced lately. One way or another, they are bound to have obscene humor, ambiguous jokes and innuendo, allusions understandable only to adults, and other, other junk that lowers the level of a children's animated film.

In the recent box office, a film co-produced by America and South Korea about dinosaurs and real family values, "Dino Time," was announced. A rather cute trailer for the cartoon promised viewers to show the adventures of three elementary school-aged children in prehistoric times. Bright, juicy colors, enticing landscapes and good-natured appearance of "sinister" dinosaurs in feathers did their job: my child and I opted for this particular cartoon.

I can say that the animated film "Dino Time" did not disappoint. Of course, it would be foolish to expect plastic computer characters to say something about the meaning of life. The plot is simple to the extreme and you do not have to be surprised by its twists and turns.

The main characters of the film live in the valley of the dinosaurs, on the site of which their American town is built. Of course, all conversations in one way or another come down to the subject of fossil animals. Not surprisingly, the main character Max's father also works on experiments with a time machine, while also being involved in paleontology. Ernie and Julia's mother is rather strict with them, so when Julia, Ernie's saboteur sister, declares that she is going to tell her parents about the forbidden activities of her cronies, a merry quarrel ensues. The result of this scuffle is an unplanned launch of a time machine. The children are transported to the Jurassic period. Here a caring but fair mother awaits them, a dinosaur. An interesting solution is offered to us by the creators of the animated film "Dino Time". Instead of ominous bloodthirsty, spitting and baring teeth monsters, viewers are welcomed by a good-natured female giant lizard. It is this Tyrannosaurus that will help Ernie, Max and pink-phone maiden Julia return home to their world.

The bright colors and pleasant music delighted me and my daughter.

Source: Soaptoday