Operation: Endgame (2012)

Operation Endgame the movie poster

Lenght: 1 hour 27 minutes

Raiting: 4.8 / 10 (11 000 votes)

Language: English

Trivia: After the superboss is killed, a massacre between two teams of government agents begins in a top-secret underground lab.Rookie agent Ful must find the killer before the lab is wiped to powder.

Director: Fouad Mikati

Writers: Sam Levinson, Brian Watanabe

Stared: Joe Anderson, Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin

Produced: Anchor Bay Films, Infinity Media, Darko Entertainment



I didn't expect to see a movie with such a plot anytime soon. Especially with a cast like that. And since I'm a big fan of all sorts of blood-spattered "there are the people and there is a traitor who quietly eliminates one by one, but it turns out that it's not the one we thought the whole movie was about", I immediately found and began to immediately choose my favorite and the one on whom to spill all the anger. Here's what you can say right away: the movie is really worthwhile.

The plot is exactly of the kind described above. There is a company underground that operates under strictest secrecy and keeps various materials on the subject of presidents, their supporters and all kinds of administration. Of course, that's why it's a secret company, to work on things that might hurt those at the top who don't do things the way the people want them to. But come on, the company itself is deep underground (like Ant-Man from Resident Evil) and is a regular office with lots of rooms and a super security system.

Working here, as you can already guess, not quite normal employees, divided into two teams Alpha and Omega. On one day of the Inauguration of the U.S. President, a new employee arrives at the company, who will have to help everyone and work hard. Suddenly it turns out that the head of the company Devil has been killed, and the remaining workers decide somehow to deal with this delicate situation. There's nothing left to do but look for the culprit, and to make sure everything happens, the teams separate the two men, and that from different teams. What happens next is not difficult to guess.

But it is not only the plot that attracts this movie. The cast is very good, there are some actors that you would not expect to see here. I can't say that everyone was pleased, for example, Zach Galifianakis played in a very uncharacteristic role for him, and is not often seen in the film. Rob Corddry churned it out, his character came out the best Rob and proved that this kind of role suits him. As always with booze and good swearing. A surprise was Ellen Barkin, who I have only seen in Ocean's 13, but here she played great, and red definitely suits her. Also surprising was the presence of Emily de Ravin, familiar to everyone from Lost with her interesting role as the person with brain complications.

There will be quite a few unexpected moments in the movie, well, the ending wasn't just surprising - it also pleased. If it didn't end that way, my score would have been lower. The dialogues are humorous, thanks to Rob Corddry's character, nicknamed Cheriot. The fights are pretty good and intense. All sorts of hand tools like golf clubs and scissors go into battle. And until the bomb goes off (yes, how could it not), the heroes will only chop each other up like that. But I can't say I was particularly impressed by the main character, you could have found a better actor.

You simply do not pay attention to various political secrets, which are no longer secrets, and you want to find out who gets out as soon as possible, and who stays underground forever. By the way, of my favorites in first place is a cute guy nicknamed Magician, who has a great suit and tie, which must urgently find and add to his own closet.

In the end I can only say that maybe a lot of people won't like it (but it's hard to believe) because of excessive violence or some tangled plot which you don't even pay much attention to here, but you really should watch it, especially if you like movies of similar themes. And the ending is quite unexpected and overall enjoyable.

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